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Liftdoo offers a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution designed to optimise processes and management for companies engaged in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of lifts. Our primary goal is to address the challenges of scheduling, task management, regulatory compliance and cost control in order to improve technical service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Using a simple and intuitive interface accessible from any device, Liftdoo gives you complete control over your company in a single platform, from lift maintenance to real-time monitoring of actions and analysis of profitability per lift or apartment block.

Lift maintenance

Businesses wishing to automate maintenance tasks, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Lift installation

Enterprises looking to streamline the installation process and improve communication with customers.

Lift manufacture

Companies seeking to optimise production planning and stock management.


A solution that rises to the challenge

If your company needs to move forward and keep up with the latest digital innovations in the lift industry, Liftdoo is the solution for you. A business tool with which to tackle planning problems, manage tasks, comply with regulations, control costs and improve service quality and customer satisfaction by:

Process automation

Automating processes to improve efficiency, reduce errors and optimise all departments’ time.

Centralization of information

Centralising information, thereby improving communication between the technical and administrative departments and ensuring detailed record-keeping and optimal workflow.

Appointment scheduling

Enabling efficient scheduling of maintenance visits, repairs, assemblies and upgrades, taking the availability of technicians and materials into account.

Stock management

Managing the stock required for the different technical tasks and ensuring adequate supply at all times.

Report generation

Generating detailed reports on the state of the lifts, the tasks performed, future maintenance and the materials used.

Accounting management

Providing integrated accounting management, thus improving the monitoring of finances and enabling informed decision-making.


Transform your way of working with Liftdoo

Imagine a platform that not only manages technical tasks but also fosters collaboration and improves decision-making. That’s Liftdoo!

Installation and maintenance
  • Device fact sheet with technical specifications, location, maintenance data and related timesheets
  • Generation of timesheets for each device by scanning QR codes
  • Creation of recurring tasks for preventive maintenance
  • Sending of notifications to users when recurring maintenance work orders are automatically created, availability of materials for installations, alerts, etc.
  • Historical record of alerts and work orders
  • Locking of the device, and automatic suspension of invoicing and preventive maintenance
  • Customer termination functionality, automatic cancellation of subscription and closing of scheduled work orders
  • Automated inventory management from work orders
  • Stock automation that takes account of the availability of the products that technicians have in their vehicles


  • Duty rosters tailored to different shifts
  • Generation of timesheets for each device by scanning QR codes
  • Integrated CRM module for effective sales management
  • Dynamic creation of contracts with customisable terms
  • Standard email templates to streamline communication with third parties
  • Accounting processes (bank reconciliation, generation of remittances and VAT forms, etc.)
  • Bulk sending of invoices to customers/property management companies

  • Analysis and cost management tools
  • Assessment of the cost-effectiveness of devices


Odoo Gold Partner
No. 1 in Spain

Odoo Gold Partner membership is granted to partners with the highest technical capabilities and the experience Odoo recommends for a high quality implementation of the Odoo platform.

Odoo Awards 2020
Best European Starter

This award is given to the highest-rated new European business partner based on the assessment of our software implementations. 

The future of the lift industry is here, take your business to new heights with Liftdoo
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